Value@nano – Value Creation from Emerging Knowledge

The Emerging Technologies program of CoLab has 3 main goals:

  • to create new knowledge in the area of Emerging Technologies / Nanotechnologies;

  • to educate & train next generation of thought leaders in the field;

  • to catalyze economic development, by fostering rapid commercialization of new nanotechnology developments, especially those made at academic institutions; and work with industry in Portugal to explore new products and the creation of new nanotechnologies.

To support the aim to rapidly and effectively promote commercialization of new nanotechnology developments CoLab is organizing a set of workshops focused on:

  • WS1: Value Creation from Emerging Knowledge

  • WS2: Communicating Technology to the Market

  • WS3: Going from the Lab to the Market

Workshop 1, entitled Value@nano – Value Creation from Emerging Knowledge, is about raising awareness. The main topic of the workshop is the innovative transformation of knowledge into value with a specific focus on the commercialization of new technology. The workshop begins by examining concepts associated with technology commercialization and then takes a deeper dive into the channels value creation from emerging knowledge, namely contract research, licensing and spin-offs. A series of case studies will be presented throughout the workshop and practical exercise in ideation will be performed.

Concepts are introduced that improve and accelerate the commercialization process, from decisions made by scientists at the research bench, through the development, patenting, and licensing of new technologies, to the formation of technology ventures.



The workshop has the following objectives:

  • To understand the key concepts and options in technology commercialization.

  • To understand how to assess technologies for their commercialization potential.

  • To understand the steps that a technology goes through in the journey from the laboratory to the marketplace.

  • To explore the commercialization channels leading to value creation from emerging knowledge.